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Small but awesome tips to work faster in Figma.

Full function progress bar component

We can use this component for any state of loading, from 0 to 100%.

  1. Create a parent frame and make sure “Clip Content” is checked.
  2. Create a child frame with auto-layout applies for a text layer.
  3. Change text to define different loading states when using.

Paste above a layer

The fastest way to bring an element to a dedicated position, by paste above on layer.

  1. Copy an element with “Copy + C”
  2. Select a layer
  3. Press “⌘ + Shift + V”

Better way to swap a symbol

  1. Navigation to the Assets tab
  2. Search for a Symbol / Component you want to replace.
  3. Press “Option + ⌘”
  4. Drag that symbol and drop it to the area where you want to swap the symbol (The dropzone is highlight with a Purple border)
  5. Done.

Steal a style of an element

Along with duplicating an element, we can copy the style. It’s super helpful when we want to overwrite an element in a component.

  1. Select element you want to copy. Press Ctrl/Cmd + Option + C to copy element’s style (color, shadow, border radius,…)
  2. Select destination element, Press Ctrl/Cmd + Option + V to pasted

Set default color when adding a new text

Every time we add a new text element, Figma set the default color to #000000, which is very dangerous when we don’t pay attention to change color. Because it’s not in our color palette.

To set the default color for our text.

  1. Add a new text with a color we want.
  2. Go to the Menu “Edit -> Set Default Properties”
  3. Done. Now every time we add new text, the style match without Design System colors.

Paste image from our clipboard

  1. Build your layout block
  2. “⌘ + C” any image, or on web, right click and select “Copy image”
  3. Select your block, shape, vector.
  4. Press “⌘ + V” to paste image.
  5. Repeat as necessary

Credit @Figma

Inserting multiple images into any shapes at once

  1. Press ”⌘ + Shift + K”
  2. Select your images
  3. Drop them on any type of layers

Credit @anronkai

Ignore constraint settings while resizing a Frame

When resizing frames, hold Command (⌘) on macOS or Ctrl on Windows/Chrome OS to ignore constraint settings for all objects inside that frame.

Credit @Figma

Need a vector logo but can’t find it online?

  1. Right click on the logo
  2. Inspect
  3. Find the SVG node
  4. Right click >> copy >> copy outerHTML
  5. Paste (⌘V) directly into

Credit @coryetzkorn

Go to the parent level

If we have nested groups in Sketch, pressing ESC button will go to the parent level. On Figma: use Shift + Return / Enter

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