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Create new variant from scratch

  1. Create your first component
  2. On the right panel, click + in Variant to create a variant
  3. Change the style of that variant. E.g: Hover state for the button
  4. Continuing creating other variants
  5. Change the property name to make it more meaningful

Read more: Figma variants intro by


Create variants from existing components

Migrate existing design system components to Figma Variants

  1. Name existing components with ’/‘ to create hierarchy. e.g: ‘Button / Primanry / Default’, ‘Button / Primanry / Hover’
  2. Select all symbols and press Combine as Variants
  3. Rename properties to make it more meaningful
  4. Search and try your new component setting


Export and share any element with copy & paste

How to share quickly share a frame without selecting and exporting it?

  1. Select a frame
  2. Right click -> Copy/Paste -> Copy as PNG or ⇧(Shift) + ⌘ + C
  3. Paste (⌘ + V) and share


Collapse all layers

When there are so many objects that you start losing your head while navigating the layers, pressing Option ⌥ + L (Mac) or Alt + L (Win) collapse all groups & frames


Adjust image position

Fill an image with Crop is a very helpful option. Here is a quicker way to access it

  1. Select a shape/image element
  2. Hold “⌥ Option” keyboard and Double click right mouse
  3. Move/resize the image to adjust its position


Navigate in multi-flow prototype

When working with multiple prototype flows, create a Master Frame that all flows can link back to switch flows.

So when you are lost, pressing “R” to come back to the master screen.

It’s super useful when doing usability testing.


When to use Frame vs Group


When resizing a group, its child elements will scale as you would expect vector artwork to scale.


When resizing, a frame’s bounds will be resized independently from its child elements. So each elements can have different constraints.

Learn more about Frame & Group


Add links to your Figma

Insert any link (link to another frame, to design document, PRD, or any URL) in your Figma file.

  1. Select any text you want to add a link
  2. Press “⌘ + K” and paste the link.
  3. Hover over the text to see the hyperlink.

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